Fertilizers can be highly corrosive. Expensive equipment can come under attack and deteriorate rapidly due to corrosion from exposure to these fertilizers during spraying season. When plant is stored the corrosion spreads as an accelerated corrosion environment is created.
CCA offers a FREE advice - corrosion consultation service. If you would like more information, feel free to fill in our online form and we will get back to asap. We offer an inspection service, application service as well as designing a tailor made maintenance program for your machinery.

Case History

Beauvalley Farming, WA South West region.
  • Seven year old boom spray with extensive corrosion to the boom.
  • The fertilisers used during seeding are highly corrosive.
  • Bought brand new 7 years previously and was already showing systemic failure of coating; large deterioration in joints, crevices, along flat edges, and on tubular sections.
  • Brad had been using a system for some time to prevent rust but this product had built up a thick encrusted film on the boom.
  • This was removed via water pressure cleaning. Afterwards Penetrax penetrant was applied.
  • Returned in 10 days to see a lot of the loose paint had blistered and peeled away revealing extensive corrosion.
  • Boom was cleaned back with air compressor, and was then spot primed.
  • Next morning a high solid coat of Metaltreat Xtreme was applied.
  • Body, underside, hydraulic fittings and electrical fittings were all coated as Metaltreat is non-conductive.
  • We continue to monitor machinery.


All mines are dealing with extreme corrosion. Minerals, water, chemicals, and salt all combine to corrode plant and equipment at an exponential rate. CCA offers a treatment for static plant and mobile equipment. We can quote on individual plant, or whole of mine. We specialise in mothball equipment on mines in ‘care and maintenance’.

Case History

Iluka resources
  • Power Concentrators – all surfaces treated with Metaltreat Xtreme System.
  • Trommels.
  • Double screen.
  • Treated various equipment used for mineral sands mining.

Newmont Boddington Gold
  • Treated corroded stainless steel electrical switchboards with Meatltreat system.
  • Performed Corrosion Engineer designed test for ‘Metaltreat’ and ‘Metaltreat Xtreme’ to Australian Standard ASTM G 116. Performed in C5I environment – Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres.
  • Successfully halted corrosion of electrical boxes, and freed seized handles.


A number of options are available to deal with corrosion in extreme conditions. The areas most costly to maintain are the difficult to access parts of rigs and jetty structures.

Splash zones and high points are subject to accelerated corrosion as the areas are generally only accessed during shutdowns, or as budgets allow.

By applying CCA’s Xtreme over pre-existing painted surfaces the life expectancy of the protective coating system can be increased by many years.

When the time comes for a re-coat the Xtreme system can be removed, and blast and spray can take place. However by re-applying Xtreme as required the coating system will not deteriorate.

Ongoing multi-purpose maintenance can be carried out with Metaltreat.

Case History

Chevron-Leightons j/v protect
  • Cranes /welders etc on jetty construction project.
  • Metaltreat used to protect diesel generators from corrosion.
  • Application of Metaltreat to Directional Wave Riders in Pilbara and Kimberly ocean areas.
  • Job was for the Bureau of Meteorology to take readings prior to cyclone season.
Premier Oil
  • Anoa Natuna Floating Oil Storage/ Production ship located in South China Sea.
  • Problems with accelerated corrosion to chains anchoring vessel. The chains are immersed in ocean for periods then are exposed to high humidity salt winds - after 18 months chains needed replacement.
  • Provided solution with the application of the high solids content ‘Meataltreat Xtreme’ system.
  • ‘Meatltreat Xtreme’ was chosen over other options as it is a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly product with no risk of leaching toxic chemicals into ocean waters.


Sea water is very corrosive... Once sea water attacks weak points on metal structures and coatings, rust will quickly develop.

The marine environment faces many challenges in relation to rust. Houses, structures, and equipment exposed to the salt and moisture laden winds are at high risk of rapid corrosion.

CCA have developed a range of products designed to maintain and protect these structures and equipment.

Some areas of use include;
  • On wharfs crane corrosion is costly to maintain, and can be minimized or eradicated with the use of Metaltreat.
  • Jetty legs, both steel and concrete cancer prevention and treatment. Protect against bio fouling.
  • Metaltreat also protects against rust, and provides lubricant and anti-seize properties to; wire ropes /jibs/ structural steel fixings/ and rollers.
  • Winches/ Chains/ Anchor Chains.
  • Ocean going vessels; as a general purpose rust treatment, lubricant, and anti-seize.
  • Internal side of walls and bulkheads to prevent rust, including rust on aluminum vessels.
  • Engine rooms.
  • Inside pipes.
  • CCA also has an antifoul formula that effectively treats against bio corrosion and biofouling.

Case History

Exmouth Hire Jinker, Exmouth WA.
  • The jinker was purpose built to allow maintenance to be carried out on large vessels in this region.
  • The jinker was rusting out rapidly due to the constant exposure to sea water.
  • The company had been using an opposition product that was lasting only a month before re- application was required.
  • We were approached to engineer a long term solution and after 3 months of using Metaltreat Xtreme the client switched to the new system. They went on to use this successfully to protect the unit until it was sold in 2015.


CCA offers a maintenance prevention system for new equipment/ vehicles and a system for pre-existing rust build up.

CCA Treats;
  • Over The Road Tankers (OTR).
  • Water carts (Mining).
  • Earthworks mobile plant and equipment; excavators, graders etc.
  • Haulpacks.
  • Trucks.
  • 4X4’s, utes, fleet vehicles.


CCA have been introducing new methodology to various industrial and commercial industries where standard practices have not worked for our clients.

Some of these sectors include the meat industry – abattoirs/ meat producers, fertilizer manufacturers, and mining.

CCA can provide solutions for;
  • Cool room – Kill room floor/ non slip floor coatings.
  • Coatings to seal and protect concrete from spalling (concrete cancer).
  • Protect steel structures from corrosion caused by regular exposure to cleaning chemicals, steam, blood, and animal fats.
  • Hygiene coatings for walls and ceilings - water borne two pack epoxy system with additives to kill bacteria that grow on surfaces.
  • Low odour, low voc’s, and fast curing.

Case History

CSBP, Kwinana WA.
  • CCA have carried out application of abrasion resistant coatings on industrial fans for over 15 years.
  • CSBP had ongoing issues with erosion on fans and chose to use our services.
  • Fan was blasted to Sa 2.5 standard.
  • Salt/chloride tests were then performed to ensure no contamination of blasted surface before coatings application.
  • Salt test performed to AS 3894.6 – 2002 Alternative 2, by NACE 2 qualified personnel.
  • Two coats of a two part epoxy system applied, which provided a low dirt pick up surface and abrasion resistance.