• Weve had a reduction in air-conditioning requirements by 50% since roof membrane installed!

    Tony JardinIGA Rivervale Original
  • Not only do you provide an environmentally friendly product that stands up to our expectations, but your dynamic ability to adapt to our needs and develop a product specifically suited to the environment we are using it in is most impressive.

    Nicole GlorieMScience Original
  • Over the years of using Metaltreat Xtreme we were really happy with the performance; it actually met all of our expectations, plus the fact it was an eco-friendly product was an added bonus.

    David Simmons, Operations ManagerExmouth Industrial Original
  • Our steel platform, which supports everything we hold dear (literally!) has been rust-free and in pristine condition more than 4 years later and we would not hesitate to recommend this product to anybody wanting a superior rust-protection system.

    Steve ArnoldCanada's Rotating House Original
  • From the very first day we could feel the difference ... from the beginning of heat wave of 39 - 42 degrees the dwelling was now down to 31 degrees. This change was little short of miraculous.

    Ross TurnerOndex Solar Original
  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent work on the concrete water tank. As you know the tank had a major leak in it. The tank is now as good as new and should last for a long time.

    Brett & Chrissy KielyKidogo Lodge Original
  • We were very pleased with the final outcome as after a recent 34 degree day, even our factory manager commented that it was comfortable working in our manufacturing area all day. This was usually very uncomfortable after lunchtime due to the heat.

    Elia Saba, General ManagerWA Fabrication Original
  • In the ‘forties the home is so hot that the ‘air con’ has no impact and we generally leave the house for an alternative cool environment. In January 2016 Sean from ‘CCA’ spray coated the roof. The result has seriously exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Successive forty plus degree days have left the house comfortably cool and we only used the air conditioner intermittently on the second and third day.

    Wayne & LynneDarlington Residents Original