Corrosion Control Australia are the market leaders and innovators in the field of Commercial Roof Repairs in Perth, utilising CoolBond® Technology.

CCA specialise in waterproofing, corrosion, and heat mitigation in the built environment. We protect your assets in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way by combining our in house developed products and services.

Corrosion Control Australia are a team of Perth commercial roofing experts, specialising in super cost-effective commercial roof repairs in Perth, as well as re-roofing/roof replacement alternatives. Our speciality services includes water-proofing, corrosion control and roof cooling with our CoolBond® Cooling Membrane.

Our CoolBond® cooling roof membrane is not only an industrial grade protective coating, but also provides a payback period with saving on energy usage due to reduced need for mechanical cooling. The CoolBond® cool roof paint and membrane also helps your buildings move towards Net Zero Emissions targets with its ongoing passive cooling.

CoolBond® Cool Roof Solutions

CoolBond® Cool Roof Paint. The best heat reflective coating

CoolBond® cooling paint membrane is a multi-faceted product serving multiple purposes in the one application.

CoolBond® is an industrial grade waterproofing protective coating with anti-corrosive properties, ensuring your roof and wall structures are protected from the elements and corrosive attack long into the future.

CoolBond® has been proven to stop over 25% of heat transfer through your metal roof, to your work or living areas below. This translates to money saved on cooling costs, and a much more comfortable environment in summer months!

CoolBond® is also a WA owned and manufactured product, which means you’re supporting local ingenuity when it comes to your commercial roof repairs in Perth.

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Metaltreat® is an environmentally friendly, solvent free, cost effective way to protect your machinery from rusting, or for preventing further corrosion, saving you time and money. Watch the short video above or visit our Metaltreat page for more information.

Metaltreat® Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Control Australia offer solutions in areas where extreme corrosion is a problem. When systems fail due to harsh conditions and exposure to chemicals, Corrosion Control Australia will find a solution and carry out turnkey corrosion prevention and control projects.

In today’s demanding environment Corrosion Control Australia offers a wealth of experience in the mining sector, as well as the industrial and commercial building coatings sector.

Our exclusive product, MetalTreat® – Industrial Lanolin Rust Protection, is solvent-free, non-hazardous all-purpose liquid suitable to be applied to multiple surfaces including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Commercial Roof Projects

Roof Recovery Project – Coles North Perth Plaza

CCA was contacted regarding North Perth Plaza’s ongoing water ingress issues and asked to perform an inspection of roof area. Once proposal accepted CCA began treating corrosion, patching, and coating the entire North Perth Plaza roof and…

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Areas Job Complete

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Repairs

CCA was contacted to inspect a large commercial/ warehouse facility in Balcatta that had ongoing water ingress issues for years. The owner had previously only had the option to re-roof the facility as proposed by…

Our Customers

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