Corrosion Control Australia is a team of Perth residential and commercial roofing experts, specialising in super cost-effective re-roofing alternative systems and corrosion control.

Our innovative roof recovery systems will not only protect your roof and building for many years to come, but also save you a lot of money on your repair expenses, and cut your electric bill dramatically with “heat reflective coating” over time.

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It’s extremely costly to replace a roof. There is a better way!

Corrosion Control Australia offer solutions in areas where extreme corrosion is a problem. When systems fail due to harsh conditions and exposure to chemicals, Corrosion Control Australia will find a solution and carry out turnkey corrosion prevention and control projects.

In today’s demanding environment Corrosion Control Australia offers a wealth of experience in the mining sector, as well as the industrial and commercial coatings sector. The products we have developed are solvent-free and therefore non-hazardous.

Roof Repairs and Commercial Roof Restoration Projects

Coles North Perth Plaza

CCA was contacted regarding North Perth Plaza’s ongoing water ingress issues and asked to perform an inspection of roof area. Once proposal accepted CCA began treating corrosion, patching, and coating the entire North Perth Plaza roof and…

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Areas Job Complete

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Areas

CCA was contacted to inspect a large commercial/ warehouse facility in Balcatta that had ongoing water ingress issues for years. The owner had previously only had the option to re-roof the facility as proposed by…

Our Customers

Here are just a few of the happy clients who we have helped fix their roofing problems, which range from commercial roof waterproofing, commercial roof insulation, residential roof repairs and more.


The Corrosion Control Australia Team

Terry Ross
Materials Selection | Estimates | On Site Rep

Terry has worked in the field of protective coatings since the early 1980’s. After starting a successful sandblasting business in Karratha Terry managed all aspects of corrosion control in such harsh environments as salt mines, iron ore and marine areas. He also managed corrosion issues on the Burrup project on LNG tank builds – it was at this time he became aware of two difficult on site issues, flash rust and heat transfer. These two fields became Terrys focus to the present day and the result is the new development of green corrosion control and the method of preventing heat transfer by a spray on liquid insulation membrane. Terry also managed an export company where he spent time in the Middle East consulting on projects in Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Terry is now consulting to Corrosion Control Australia to assist in the commercialisation of the new technologies developed.

Sean Ross
Applicator | Onsite Manager | Safety Coordinator | Coatings QC

Sean has worked in various areas of the coatings industry for 10 years. He has a keen interest in providing solutions, quality tradesmanship, and technical expertise to the industrial sector and has worked on infrastructure projects such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Chevrons Gorgon project, Perth Stadium, as well as many more Australian oil & gas and mining projects. His NACE CIP 2 qualification has also allowed him to work as a coating inspector for a number of these projects, as well as being a coatings applicator and blaster.

Through his years in the industry Sean has dealt with the toxic chemicals often used for corrosion control and is inspired to bring a green solution to the industry that is friendly to users and the environment.

At Corrosion Control Australia, Sean has been involved in product development, application, management, and marketing for the corrosion control systems. He has managed mining, commercial roofing, industrial roofing/ coatings projects for CCA, and continues to play a major role in CCA’s development.


Metaltreat is an environmentally friendly, solvent free, cost effective way to protect your machinery from rusting, or for preventing further corrosion, saving you time and money. Watch the short video below or visit our product page for more information.

Metal Treat

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COOLBOND® has been proven to stop over 25% of heat transfer through your metal roof, to your work or living areas below. This translates to money saved on cooling costs, and a much more comfortable environment in summer months!

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