Concrete Wall Repairs on Coastal Apartment Block

CCA carried out major concrete and render crack repairs to multiple wall areas around this coastal apartment block.

CCA also carried out further waterproofing and repair works around the apartment block, including internal water damage repairs.

Corrosion treatment works also carried out, with repairs and recoating of security gate.

Application of CoolBond® to wall areas provides multiple benefits;

  • Sealing and filling of all hairline cracking to rendered wall surface.
  • Seals major crack repairs carried out.
  • Industrial grade protective coating that is fade resistant and has excellent salt resistance for use in coastal areas.
  • Industrial grade waterproofing coating with excellent flexibility to protect against further hairline cracking and moisture damage.
  • CoolBond® keeps masonary surfaces cool meaning less movement in the wall structure, thereby protecting against hairline cracking in rendered surfaces.
  • CoolBond® greatly reduces heat transfer through wall areas, keeping living spaces cooler on sun facing walls.
  • CoolBond® provides excellent aesthetic finish with industrial grade resistance to UV degradation, colour fading, and chalking.

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