Commercial Roof Recovery in Perth

The most common term used to describe this field would be ‘Commercial Roof Restoration’ or ‘Commercial Roof Rejuvenation’. These terms are borrowed from the residential sector and most closely relate to the repainting of tiled roof areas for aesthetic purposes. Roof Recovery covers a far more broad set of requirements and processes needed to return these aged and damaged roof areas back to a functional standard.

These requirements cover a number of fields and industries including; corrosion control & mitigation, waterproofing, industrial protective coatings application, quality control (QC) & quality assurance (QA) for coatings application, proficiency with using and installing height safety access systems, project management, roof plumbing works; including water-run off redesign and modifications, and public relations skill sets to manage and liaise with tenants in multiple tenanted buildings. The requirements to complete a successful Commercial Roof Recovery are far more complex and specilaised than any traditional ‘Roof Restoration’.

Corrosion Control Australia are the Leaders in Commercial Roof Recovery

CCA are the market leaders in the field of Commercial Roof Recovery, utilising our proprietary CoolBond® Cooling Membrane.

CoolBond Roof Recovery® provides a viable long lasting alternative to roof replacement and re-roofing capital works. CCAs’ products and services have been battled tested and honed in the real world for over 30 years, affording us the confidence to offer industry leading warranties of 20yrs on our CoolBond® Cooling Membrane.

CCA have forged our own path by constantly developing and innovating in our fields of expertise for over 30 years.

These fields include corrosion control, waterproofing, roof plumbing, concrete repairs & waterproofing, height safety access systems, coatings application and QC, project management, and product development and manufacture.

CCA’s combination of expertise cannot be copied or replicated as the majority of entities in this space are either roofing contractors, or manufacturers/ licensees of heat reflective type coatings (HRC) with little to no background in contracting or trades expertise.

These manufactures come from a background of selling their products online, or from a retail outlet.

CoolBond® is owned and manufactured by CCA to a high specification for use only by our specialist contractors and is not sold off the shelf at any retail outlet.

Unfortunately roofing contractors will also often recommend unnecessary roof replacements as there is large capital outlay for these works, meaning big profits for contractors.

CCA combines all the expertise necessary to save you big dollars on roof replacement works, while providing you with market leading warranties.

Check out some of CCA’s previously completed projects below.

Commercial Roof Recovery Projects

Roof Recovery Project – Coles North Perth Plaza

CCA was contacted regarding North Perth Plaza’s ongoing water ingress issues and asked to perform an inspection of roof area. Once proposal accepted CCA began treating corrosion, patching, and coating the entire North Perth Plaza roof and…

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Areas Job Complete

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Repairs

CCA was contacted to inspect a large commercial/ warehouse facility in Balcatta that had ongoing water ingress issues for years. The owner had previously only had the option to re-roof the facility as proposed by…

Dezzys Drycleaners

‘While other companies required us to shut down the shop for a period of time while they worked on the roof, we were able to continue business as usual while Terry and Sean completed the job. We never lost a single day in down time…’

Commercial Roof Cooling Case Study

‘We were very pleased with the final outcome as after a recent 34 degree day, even our factory manager commented that it was comfortable working in our manufacturing area all day. This was usually very uncomfortable after lunchtime due to the heat.’