Concrete Roof Repairs & Concrete Roof Waterproofing

With concrete being the most common building material CCA also specialise in concrete waterproofing, concrete cancer, and concrete remediation works.

CCA have a long track record of experience within the industrial coatings application field, coatings specification, coatings Quality Control, and concrete remediation works for both roof and wall areas.

CCA are also experienced with waterproofing concrete bunded areas, HVAC concrete bunds and platforms, planter boxes, balcony areas and concrete tanks.

Concrete Roof Repairs & Concrete Roof Waterproofing Issues

Concrete roof areas with long standing water ingress issues can be quite complex to resolve, especially with damage to existing waterproofing layer, whether bituminous, torch on membrane or otherwise.

CCA assess the existing waterproofing material (if any) for any damage to identify problem areas.

From there CCA will create a tailor made specification to rectify water ingress issues by addressing any concrete cancer/ concrete repair works, and any existing waterproofing material repair works that may be needed.

CCA have a number of speciailsed products that we use for repairs and waterproofing in various types of conditions, including CoolBond®.

Some of the areas where CCA can address concrete repairs;

  • Commercial buildings
  • HAVC concrete bund areas & concrete platforms
  • High Rise waterproofing
  • Apartments/ Balcony areas
  • Hospitals
  • Mining/ Bunded area waterproofing/ Industrial protective coatings and waterproofing
  • Residential homes with concrete extensions & roof structures
  • Concrete tank crack repairs & waterproofing

Completed Concrete Roof Repairs & Waterproofing Projects

Mt Lawley Concrete Roof Solution

Concrete Roof Re-Roofing Alternative

Brendan’s garage area had ongoing leaks for years that had damaged the walls and ceilings below. CCA pressure washed the concrete roof above and began repairing the cracks with CCA’s flexible flashing system, high spec sealants, and…

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