Residential Roof Cooling Project

Residential Roof Cooling with CoolBond

Corrosion Control Australia are experts in restoring residential roofs; and one of the best things to do while restoring a Roof is incorporate a sustainable green technology into your home that will reduce CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint.

CoolBond® is the solution. Applied to external surfaces CoolBond® can dramatically reduce internal temperatures, reducing heat transfer by up to 25%, making it a practical solution for maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home and ensuring it remains watertight.

Corrosion Control Australia is a family-owned business that specialises in quality cool roof coatings and roof recovery. So when it comes time to consider roof cooling alternatives, contact CCA.

Cool Roof Recovery Project

We recently applied a coat of CoolBond to the roof of Wayne and Lynnes Perth Hills home, and immediately CoolBond cool roof coating made the entire roof area watertight and importantly has dramatically cooled the home in the hot summer months.

See the project below.


Insulation in the external walls and roof have had little impact on the inside temperature when the weather is hot. When the weather is in the ‘thirties’ the inside temperature is uncomfortably warm requiring the sustained use of the split system air conditioner with moderate results. In the forties the home is so hot that the ‘air con’ has no impact and we generally leave the house for an alternative cool environment. In January 2016 Sean from Corrosion Control Australia spray coated the roof. The result has seriously exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Successive forty plus degree days have left the house comfortably cool and we only used the air conditioner intermittently on the second and third day.

Wayne & Lynne – Perth Hills Residents

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