Cool your home or workplace this summer with CoolBond®!

Do you struggle to cool your home every summer, even when you blast your AC?

Does your warehouse facility or office space suffer with heat stress in the workplace every summer?

Are you looking to reduce your power bills during summer months due to reliance on mechanical cooling?

Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint and making your home or business more energy efficient, all the while protecting your asset?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then CoolBond® is the solution

Even if you already have solar panels and battery installed CoolBond® can be highly beneficial in increasing the overall efficiency of solar, battery, and AC/ HVAC equipment.

What is CoolBond®?

CoolBond® is an industrial grade protective coating and waterproofing membrane that exhibits excellent adhesive, flexibility, and heat re-radiating properties

CoolBond® is applied via airless spray equipment and can be coated over numerous surfaces

It also has excellent coverage and crack bridging ability over damaged concrete and masonry surfaces

CoolBond® has the ability to dramatically reduce heat transfer in to buildings resulting in significant reductions in the reliance on mechanical cooling

Benefits of applying CoolBond® to your roof and wall areas;

  • CoolBond® has excellent heat re-radiating abilities resulting in 25% + reductions in heat load on buildings
  • Make your AC/ HVAC run more efficiently and reduce maintenance costs and disruptive breakdowns in summer
  • CoolBond® is an industrial grade protective coating that will protect your asset long into the future; properties include excellent salt, UV, corrosion, and fade resistance, combined with excellent flexibility and weatherability
  • Once CoolBond® is applied and starts to tack off it will start working; CoolBond® requires no further energy input once it is applied and will continue to passively cool your building long into the future
  • CoolBond® can be applied to new structures, or old weathered surfaces
  • CoolBond® is manufactured to an industrial specification specifically for our use only, by trained technicians; CoolBond® is not an ‘off the shelf’ product like many alternatives
  • CoolBond® will beautify your home with a ‘new roof’ look
  • CoolBond® can be incorporated into a full CoolBond Roof Recovery® System, whereby your entire roof structure including guttering, roof fixings, penetrations and seals will all be upgraded/ resealed for long-term waterproofing
  • CoolBond® is WA owned and manufactured
  • CoolBond® will reduce homes and businesses CO2 emissions and contribute to the move towards net zero emissions

CCA can provide tailored, turnkey solutions for your commercial property maintenance issues…

CCA have the proven track record and innovative products and systems that have been developed over decades in the industry, to protect your asset

Check out what some of CCA clients have said about CoolBond®;

Corrosion Control Australia were brought in to advise on how we could reduce the heat in our 3000m2 warehouse…

I had previous installed huge fans as a means to help reduce the heat as I had issues with losing staff due to the unbearable temperatures during summer months.

Unfortunately these fans had no effect.

Once Corrosion Control Australia had sprayed our roof area with CoolBond® the difference was immediately noticeable and dramatic.

The whole warehouse is now far more comfortable on those hot summers days, and staff no longer complain about the heat!


The CoolBond® roofing spray applied to our roof resulted in the immediate cooling of our home, exceeding our expectations. Sean and Terry completed the work prior to a run of 40C+ days during which we didn’t need to use our air-conditioner. Prior to the coating, we would have used the air conditioner daily. It’s been nearly 2 months now and we still have not needed to use the air-conditioner.

As a bonus, the polycarb-roofed patio area, which previously retained heat into the night was extremely uncomfortable. Now its cooler and we’re now able to sit outside in comfort. Prior to the coating being applied to the roof, our cold water tap would run ‘hot’ for 2-3 minutes before turning cold due to the extremely hot roof space. Now the cold water comes through in a couple of seconds, so we’re no longer wasting water.

Terry and Sean were professional right throughout the whole experience, answering any questions we had about the CoolBond® cooling membrane and provided some problem solving with our gutters. Clear communication at each stage of the process was maintained ensuring a smooth process. We would therefore highly recommend Terry and Sean and this product to others who wish to cool their house and reduce their energy costs.

Phillip & Janine

Insulation in the external walls and roof have had little impact on the inside temperature when the weather is hot. When the weather is in the ‘thirties’ the inside temperature is uncomfortably warm requiring the sustained use of the split system air conditioner with moderate results. In the forties the home is so hot that the ‘air con’ has no impact and we generally leave the house for an alternative cool environment. In January 2016 Sean from Corrosion Control Australia spray coated the roof. The result has seriously exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Successive forty plus degree days have left the house comfortably cool and we only used the air conditioner intermittently on the second and third day.

Wayne & Lynne – Perth Hills Residents

Sean and Terry provided an excellent service, more than anything I was looking at reducing heat conduction from my roof into my house. The roof is waterproof, sealed and so much cooler than before. Even with really hot days the house is cool and comfortable. Highly recommended company


I would recommend CCA’s CoolBond® for every roof in Australia. Our two-storey home has no ceilings and a tin roof. Upstairs was sweltering hot in summer. We were hoping for some improvement when we had the roof painted, but the results have far exceeded our expectations.

Day one post-treatment it was 30.5°C and you could not tell the difference in temperature between the lower and upper floors. On the second day, it reached 40.3°C. We didn’t need our air conditioner or fans – at all. We are amazed!

I can already see there’s going to be a noticeable reduction in our summer power bill. That the CoolBond® is non-toxic too makes it such a winner. It’s good to know we can reduce our carbon footprint in such a simple, eco-friendly way. To me, that’s sustainable living at its best. We can’t thank you enough Terry and Sean, for all you have done to help us.

Tracey & Lisa

Thermographic Imaging

The below thermographic imaging demonstrates how effective CoolBond® is at reducing external surface temperatures.

Before CoolBond®                                                                                                      

After CoolBond®                                                                                                      

The above images are thermographic images taken that demonstrate the differential in surface temperature between uncoated lower tiled roof, to CoolBond® coated upper roof on a midday 42 degree Celsius summers day.

There is a temperature difference between coated and uncoated of 32.4 degree Celsius, which translates to a 41% decrease in surface temperature on the CoolBond® coated section of roof.

Before CoolBond®                                                                                                      

After CoolBond®                                                                                                      

The above thermographic images were taken of a CoolBond® coated roof areas, compared to black painted lower roof section.

The difference in surface temperatures measured were 44.4 degrees Celsius.

This represents over a 50% reduction in surface temperature on the CoolBond® coated roof area.

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