Fertilizer storage sheds based on farms, aswell as large facilities where it is manufactured are both prone to extreme corrosion if not addressed.

CCA can apply Metaltreat to protect and encapsulate heavily corroded steel aswell protect new facilities from future deterioration due to corrosion. Metaltreat will provide long term maintenance free protection when the Metaltreat Xtreme system is applied.

Case History

Fertilizer Aeration Shed Emergency Repairs.

  • CCA contacted by Project Manager for large fertilizer manufacturer to inspect and quote on various issues in facility.
  • They had significant corrosion issues that had resulted in structural steel members failing, and roof structure being compromised. CCA designed and implemented an emergency repair plan for the corroded purlins and roof sheeting, including a treatment for the advanced corrosion inside aeration shed.
  • Traditional painting/ blasting treatments were cost prohibitive, and the facility would have to be shut down.
  • CCA proposed to airless spray Metaltreat to all corroded steel surfaces, aswell as over newly installed purlins to protect into future.
  • CCA worked through extreme conditions of high heat, humidity, and toxic vapours to complete all works inside shed.
  • Roof was patched and repaired successfully.
  • Client was relieved that we had been able to solve the sagging roof issue and make the area safe for their workers again.