Fertilizers can be highly corrosive. Expensive equipment can come under attack and deteriorate rapidly due to corrosion from exposure to these fertilizers during spraying season. When plant is stored the corrosion spreads as an accelerated corrosion environment is created. Farming fertilizer storage structures and sheds can also come under corrosive attack.

CCA offers a FREE advice – corrosion consultation service. If you would like more information, feel free to contactCCA via email or phone and we will get back to asap. We offer an inspection service, application service as well as designing a tailor made maintenance program for your machinery, as well as your fertilizer storage structures and sheds.

MetalTreat® Lanolin Rust Inhibitor for Agriculture

Beauvalley Farming, WA South West region.

  • Seven year old boom spray with extensive corrosion to the boom.
  • The fertilisers used during seeding are highly corrosive.
  • Bought brand new 7 years previously and was already showing systemic failure of coating; large deterioration in joints, crevices, along flat edges, and on tubular sections.
  • Brad had been using a system for some time to prevent rust but this product had built up a thick encrusted film on the boom.
  • This was removed via water pressure cleaning. Afterwards Penetrax® penetrant was applied.
  • Returned in 10 days to see a lot of the loose paint had blistered and peeled away revealing extensive corrosion.
  • Boom was cleaned back with air compressor, and was then spot primed.
  • Next morning CCA applied a high solids coat of MetalTreat® Xtreme to the plant.
  • Next morning a high solid coat of Metaltreat Xtreme was applied.
  • Body, underside, hydraulic fittings and electrical fittings were all coated as MetalTreat® is non-conductive.
  • CCA continue to monitor machinery.