Electro Plating & Anodising

The electro plating & anodising industry use caustic baths and chemicals to achieve the protective layer on metal components.

During the electrochemical process caustic vapours and particles are emitted from the baths and cling to structural steel members, roof and wall cladding. These emissions eat into the steel and compromise the structural integrity of the whole facility, leading to water ingress through roof, and eventual failure of support members.

Metaltreat is the perfect solution to this problem.

Case History

Aaep (Advanced Anodising & Electro Plating).

  • Brad contacted CCA to inspect and quote on roof repairs and internal corrosion problem at his facility in Kelmscott.
  • Vapours and particles from the caustic baths had eaten away at structural steel and roof cladding.
  • The industry is highly regulated and the building must comply to a certain standard set by the regulatory body.
  • The solution proposed was to airless spray Metaltreat to all corroded structural steel, roof, and wall cladding inside the 2 facilities.
  • Metaltreat penetrates deep into the corroded steel surface and provides a protective layer, and encapsulates steel from acidic vapours and particles.
  • On the roof, sections of corroded roof cladding and ridge capping removed.
  • New roof cladding slip sheeted over existing sheets to provide strength and stability. New ridge capping installed.
  • The customer was happy all water ingress problems solved and all steel protected into future.