Corrosion in water systems presents many challenges. Hard water is present in many Australian areas – hard water leaves calcium and limescale deposits on the inside walls of pipes and tanks (boilers). The deposits are hard to remove and are generally addressed by chemical wash during shutdown maintenance. When scale builds up and gets heavy, the system increases power consumption and becomes inefficient. CCA can advise on internal corrosion issues. We offer chemical free removal and prevention systems.


Red rust is present in older utilities. It forms in metal pipes, and ‘dead legs’ where water tends to pool. These areas are prone to MIC’s and SRB’s. CCA can advise and offer solutions on biofouling and bio corrosion, including A/C units.


Concrete water tanks – over a certain age concrete water tanks leak due to cracking from rusted reo bars. Cracks occur due to spalling, otherwise known as concrete cancer. CCA can treat concrete cancer and apply our LIQUID LINER to replace aged liners. Metal tanks which leak can be treated for corrosion then sprayed with our liquid liner.

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Case History

Polo Club, Serpentine WA

  • Treated concrete tank used for water supply for family home.
  • We removed biofilm from tank bottom with E- Clean.
  • Carried out crack repairs (including spalling).
  • Filled holes which were creating water losses using flexible taping system.
  • Coated with two part cementitious membrane certified for potable water.
  • Job duration – five days re fill day seven and re commission of tank.