Bendan Welker & Kaye Pham

To whom it concerns,
Terry and Sean completed works at a property in Mount Lawley, to seal and repair a leaking garage concrete flat roof. At all times they were exceptionally professional; they kept the neighbours informed when high-pressure cleaning was carried out prior to repairs and cleaned up any mess they made during the process. They communicated with us all the way through the process so that at all times we knew how the repairs were progressing.
At all times they went above and beyond to ensure we were happy; their scope of work was to repair cracks and seal external to the roof and internally on back wall and ceiling, however they ended up going above a beyond this and repairing/painting the whole garage for no extra cost.
When the job was finished Sean moved everything that was in the garage prior to works back and arranged just as it was prior to works.
We have no hesitation of recommending Terry and Sean from Corrosion Control Australia to anyone that needs a professional roofing specialist.