Wall Repairs & Wall Cooling Coating

CCA specialise in solutions for commercial building wall areas whether it be for beautifying and corporate branding colour coding, all the way up to major mortar and crack repairs and protective coatings application.

CCA also bring this expertise to the domestic market with solutions provided for cracked texture coatings and rendered walls, with CoolBond®’s superior crack bridging ability.

CCA combine a number of specialised products and methods of repair that have been developed and tested over years to establish proven long term solutions.

The benefits of coating wall areas with CoolBond® are many

CoolBond® is an industrial grade, high build protective waterproofing membrane with excellent adhesion, crack bridging ability, and salt and UV resistance.

This makes it perfect for use in coastal areas, and dramatically reduces heat transfer through wall areas.

For all your masonary & concrete wall crack repairs, and external repainting work give CCA a call.

Check out where CoolBond® has been applied to wall areas below;

Wall Repairs & Wall Cooling Projects