Both metal and concrete roof types are subject to corrosion. Box gutters are particularly susceptible as water pools for long periods of time. The result is pin holes develop and joint seals break down causing leaks. The leaks are often hard to locate and repair.

Roof penetrations are also a weak point and are the most common source of leaks.

CCA provides a service to locate and seal the leaking areas using fast cure membranes, combined with sealants which can be applied to wet surfaces. Corrosion treatments are also applied to the rust affected areas. Larger holes are patched using a flexible flashing taping system.

Leak Location and Repair

CCA specialise in commercial building roof leak location and repair, from small factory units up to large industrial buildings. We have successfully solved problems for our clients where multiple other contractors have failed, and are able to pass on to you our expert advice on how to manage the maintenance of your roof structure, and water run-off systems.

A detailed inspection from our team could save you ten’s of thousands on a costly roof replacement, which unfortunately is a common recommendation from roofing companies.

HVAC Corrosion Repairs

HVAC areas tend to corrode due to water run-off from A/C units.
Up to 70% of building maintenance costs are due to water ingress, largely from corroded A/C flashing.
CCA specialise in the jobs that have been difficult to fix, as our approach is different.
We focus on the source of the leak and stop the water ingress, weather it be from a/c water runoff, condensation, or rain.

You can rely on CCA’s expertise to provide THE most cost, and time effective way to solve your water ingress problems. We show up on time and get in and out with as little disruption to your business as possible. We are even available 24 hrs for emergency water leaks.. Call 0411 545 700.

CoolBond® Heat Re-Radiating Coating

Terry has been at the forefront of pioneering heat re-radiating coatings technology since 1989.

Since introducing the technology to the mining sector in Western Australia, Terry went on to develop markets in the Eastern States of Australia and the Middle East.

Since then many thousands of metres of roof area and walls have been treated with the energy saving, passive solar system CoolBond®.

By dropping the heat load on large roof areas, air conditioning systems function throughout summer at spring time temperatures. The decreased heat load significantly reduces the amount of cycles the air-conditioning compressor motor ‘kicks in’ throughout the day. This leads to substantial cost savings on power and air-conditioner maintenance!

Under-specified systems upgraded with CoolBond® will be able to cope on hot days, and buildings with no insulation will be more comfortable.


Some of our clients include;

  • Westfield shopping centres
  • Centro shopping centres
  • Carmel College
  • Sydney Fish Markets
  • Auto 1 midland
  • IGA Rivervale
  • Lords health club
  • W.A. Fabrication
  • Residential properties