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Both metal and concrete roof types are subject to corrosion. Box gutters are particularly susceptible as water pools for long periods of time. The result is pin holes develop and joint seals break down causing leaks. The leaks are often hard to locate and repair.

“A capital outlay of replacing a roof is very high, but with our innovative roof recovery systems, you can save a lot and let it pay it for itself”

Roof penetrations are also a weak point and are the most common source of leaks.

CCA provides a service to locate and seal the leaking areas using fast cure membranes, combined with sealants which can be applied to wet surfaces. Corrosion treatments are also applied to the rust affected areas. Larger holes are patched using a flexible flashing taping system.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Project management/ turn-key solutions
  • Maintenance consultancy/ maintenance programme design and implementation
  • Materials selection and specification design
  • Roof plumbing/ roofing repairs
  • Roof water run-off systems re-design/ modifications
  • Water ingress/ roof leak investigation and repair
  • Identifying key structural issues caused by Corrosion
  • Treating all roof structure corrosion
  • Protective/ waterproofing membrane application for roof, walls, flooring
  • Power saving cooling membrane application
  • Decorative coatings for tiled, metal, fibro roof
  • A/C water run-off re-design
  • A/C coil corrosion treatements/ energy efficient coatings
  • Concrete roof crack repairs/ concrete cancer repairs/ waterproofing