Faded Metal Roof Restoration and Repair

CCA have created a solution for faded metal roofs. This issue goes beyond a traditional ‘roof restoration’ and requires a specialist approach with special consideration made for surface preparation, corrosion control, and application of a heavy duty protective waterproofing coating.

CCA have developed a system whereby all these issues are addressed while also beautifying and cooling your home or commercial building at the same time.

CCA have carried out numerous projects with excellent results with customers ecstatic with the ‘new roof’ look they get.

Why choose CCA and CoolBond® for your faded metal roof restoration?

CCAs’ products and services have been battled tested and honed in the real world for over 30 years, affording us the confidence to offer industry leading warranties of 20yrs on our CoolBond® Cooling Membrane.

CCA have forged our own path by constantly developing and innovating in our fields of expertise for over 30 years.

These fields include corrosion control, waterproofing, roof plumbing, concrete repairs & waterproofing, height safety systems, coatings application and QC, and product development and manufacture.

CoolBond® is owned and manufactured by CCA to a high specification for use only by our specialist contractors and will never be sold off the shelf at any retail outlet.

CoolBond® is an industrial grade, self-priming high build protective coating with excellent adhesive properties.

This means that 2 layers of protective coating are applied vs other 2 coat systems that require a primer.

The end result is a longer lasting, thicker layer of protective waterproof coating that is fade resistant.

Be aware of the liabilities involved with allowing contractors to access your roof area, especially with steep pitch roof areas.

Ensure contractors have the relevant certifications and experience to use roof safety access systems to avoid insurance claim liabilities.

CCA are certified to install and are skilled with the use of roof safety access systems used for rope access on steep roofs.

Check out some of CCA’s completed projects below;

Faded Metal Roof Restoration and Repair Projects