CoolBond® Roof and Wall Cooling Membrane

Stop 25% of heat transfer through your roof area

CoolBond® is an industrial grade protective coating and waterproofing membrane, exhibiting excellent adhesive, flexibility, and heat re-radiating properties.

CoolBond® can be coated over numerous surfaces and has excellent coverage and crack bridging ability over damaged concrete and masonry.

CoolBond® has been in service for over 30 yrs in some of Australia’s most extreme weather conditions throughout the northern half of Western Australia.

This puts CoolBond® at the forefront of the exterior coatings industry and has become the market leader in proven ongoing passive sustainable cooling for both residential cooling and commercial cooling applications.

CoolBond® is scientifically proven to stop over 25% of heat transfer through your roof structure to your work or living spaces below.

This translates to savings on cooling costs, providing a payback period on initial investment.

CoolBond® has unique additives which enable CCA to offer solutions on many types of assets including UV protection of roof structures, fade resistance, salt resistance for coastal areas, and corrosion resistance for coastal and industrial areas.

CoolBond® is more economical to retro fit compared to traditional insulation, as it does not involve lifting the roof and accessing ceiling space, meaning minimal interruptions to businesses and homes.

CoolBond® is W.A. owned and manufactured product.

CCA manufacture CoolBond® to a high specification for use only by our specialist contractors and it is not sold off the shelf at any retail outlet.

Note: CoolBond® shouldn’t be confused with or compared to bulk insulation on R/K values because mass type insulation retards heat flow whereas selective surface impedes heat flow.

Thermographic Imaging

The below thermogrphic imaging demonstrates how effective CoolBond® is at reducing external surface temperatures.

Before CoolBond®

After CoolBond®

The above images are thermogrpahic images taken that demonstrate the differential in surface temprature between uncoated lower tiled roof, to CoolBond® coated upper roof on a midday 42 degree celcius summers day.

There is a temprature difference between coated and uncoated of 32.4 degree celcius, which transaltes to a 41% decrease in surface temprature on the CoolBond® coated section of roof.

Before CoolBond®

After CoolBond®

The above thermographic images were taken of a CoolBond® coated roof areas, compared to black painted lower roof section.

The difference in surface temperatures measured were 44.4 degrees celsius.

This represents over a 50% reduction in surface temperature on the CoolBond® coated roof area.