Cool Your Workplace with CoolBond®

CoolBond® has been cooling workplaces and public buildings throughout W.A.’s harsh Pilbara region and Perth metro areas since the late 80’s.

Anywhere heat is a problem inside a building to staff and equipment, CoolBond® is the solution.

Applied to external surfaces CoolBond® can dramatically reduce internal temperatures, resulting in less reliance on mechanical cooling.

This results in significant savings on power usage in larger facilities and provides a payback period on the initial investment in the CoolBond® system.

Coolbond® for your Workplace

Applying CoolBond® to your roof and walls has a myriad of other benefits including;

  • Industrial grade high build protective coating encapsulates your roof  and wall structures from environmental exposure and corrosive attack
  • Industrial grade waterproofing membrane with high flexibility
  • UV stable and fade resistant
  • Beautify your building with excellent quality finishes to make roof areas look ‘brand new’
  • Incorporate a sustainable green technology into your building to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
  • Industry leading 20yr warranty applied by skilled technicians

Areas where CoolBond® has provided solutions for include;

Commercial CoolBond® Roof Cooling Projects

Coles North Perth Plaza

CCA was contacted regarding North Perth Plaza’s ongoing water ingress issues and asked to perform an inspection of roof area. Once proposal accepted CCA began treating corrosion, patching, and coating the entire North Perth Plaza roof and…

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Areas Job Complete

Balcatta Warehouse Roof Areas

CCA was contacted to inspect a large commercial/ warehouse facility in Balcatta that had ongoing water ingress issues for years. The owner had previously only had the option to re-roof the facility as proposed by…

Airport Facility

CCA provided a solution by applying CoolBond® to all roof areas to reduce heat inside and provide ongoing passive cooling.

Auto 1 Midland

“…on a hot day, we turn the air conditioners on half speed at about lunchtime instead of full-bore at 8.00am. We can see the initial cost of the roof treatment will pay its-self off with power bill savings into the future…’

Ace Copiers Rockingham

‘Terry and Sean did a fantastic job fixing the leaking roof on our commercial unit, a problem that has plagued us for years and has had several attempts at rectification.’

Malaga Print

‘Terry & Sean were great to deal with and showed up any time we had emergency leaks above our printing machines and work space… They solved all our roof issues and made our work space cooler with their roof treatment..’

Ferrari Formal Mens Wear Midland

‘Solarproof was applied to the roof as well as fixing long-term leaks in the building making the large storage area usable again… The workspace is now considerably cooler on hot days…’

Captivate On Hold

‘Corrosion Control Australiawere able to cut Captivate on Holds considerable AC costs through summer months… The roof treatment will pay itself back in no time…’

Perth School

This Perth school had ongoing water ingress issues and significant corrosion over their roof area. CCA were able to treat all corrosion, resolve water ingress issues, redesign water run-off systems and apply CoolBond®.

Christian College

‘Corrosion Control Australia’s roof treatment made our upper-level library usable again in the summer months!’…….

IGA Rivervale

“We’ve had a reduction in our air-conditioning requirements by 50% since the roof membrane was installed” – Tony Jardim IGA Rivervale

Dezzys Drycleaners

‘While other companies required us to shut down the shop for a period of time while they worked on the roof, we were able to continue business as usual while Terry and Sean completed the job. We never lost a single day in down time…’

W.A. Fabrication

‘We were very pleased with the final outcome as after a recent 34 degree day, even our factory manager commented that it was comfortable working in our manufacturing area all day. This was usually very uncomfortable after lunchtime due to the heat.’

Sydney Fish Markets

‘The system specified by Corrosion Control Australia saved the client in excess of $1.5m when compared to a total roof replacement cost. There was also no interruption to the operation of the Fish Market during the 5-month project.’