Commercial Roof Corrosion Repair

Corrosion is one of those fields that is often overlooked and misunderstood. When roofing contractors inspect a roof area and see signs of corrosion, there is often a knee jerk reaction to recommend a full roof replacement.

These contractors lack the expertise to deal with corrosion, and are also incentivized to advise carrying out full roof replacements, where larger profits are made.

Corrosion mitigation is a complex issue that requires skilled technicians trained in using specialist products to resolve. There are a number of contributing factors that will result in either a long lasting result or premature failure of coatings and metal sheeting.

Qualifications and technical expertise in correct surface preparation, environmental readings, materials specification, and correct application procedures are all critical to the longevity of Commercial Roof Recovery works.

What is Commercial Roof Recovery?

CCA bring our decades of experience and technical expertise in corrosion mitigation to your roof area to save you big $$$ on unnecessary roof replacement works, combined with market leading warranties.

Contact CCA for advise on your roof corrosion issues.