Wall Heat Transfer Reduction with CoolBond®

Do you have a wall or side of your commercial factory that is extremely hot in the afternoon sun? Then CoolBond® is the solution to dramatically reduce Wall Heat transfer.

The bigger the structure, the larger the wall surface areas exposed to the sun’s rays at various times of the day.

The heat coming through these wall areas can be just as intense, if not more than the roof areas, with the suns angle varying throughout the day.

This is where CoolBond® treatment on your walls can help significantly reduce heat transfer.

CoolBond® Cooling Wall Membrane

CCA has the technical expertise and proven track record to carry out these types of wall coating projects to a high technical and safety specification.

CCA always prioritises safety first, backed by experience working in some the most high risk working environments in industry.

This is a critical component when carrying out high risk work involving various types of EWP’s (elevated work platforms), managing foot traffic and client working hours, and all associated safety documentation and regulations.

CCA can tailor make a solution for heat issues in your building by combining coating roof areas and select wall areas with CoolBond®.

Check out some projects CCA have carried out below.

Coolbond® Wall Projects

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