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CCA has been at the forefront of product development for a number of years (since 1989). The development of the ‘MetalTreat®’ range came about through a need on a project that Terry had worked on as a consultant to Leighton / TKK j/v, on the third stage of the Burrup peninsula for Woodside and Shell. Flash rusting was a challenge when sandblasting a surface, and by the time coatings were ready to apply rust had already began to form.

Terry trialed various products to hold back the rust to allow coating to take place. From that idea 20 years later the ‘MetalTreat®’ system was born. ‘MetalTreat®’ is solvent free and non-hazardous, which makes our products very attractive for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as Barrow Island, and offshore oil rigs. ‘MetalTreat®’ will not ‘flash off ‘ like traditional coatings. The product can be used in high temps, high humidity, and has low VOC’s and low fumes.

Metal Treat

Available in 5L, 10L and 20L

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If your looking for an Environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor MetalTreat® is the solution.

CCA’s range of proprietary lanolin oil based corrosion resistant products can be used as stand-alone products, or combined as two or three coat systems when extreme conditions are the greatest challenge. MetalTreat® and MetalTreat® Xtreme tested to ASTM G 116 in C5I environment – Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres.

Corrosion Control Australia's lanolin oil based products in white containers with different labels.

Available in 5L, 10L and 20L

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MetalTreat® Heavy Duty Industrial Lanolin based corrosion control

Lanolin oil rust prevention

Buy MetalTreat® lanolin based corrosion control inhibitor online from any location in Australia. CCA deliver to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin or from any rural location.

  • All-purpose liquid suitable to be applied to multiple surfaces including; ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Can be used to reduce corrosion caused by dissimilar metal contact ie. copper/iron.

MetalTreat®Lanolin Corrosion Inhibitor in Action


Rusty metal panel with wires attached, showcasing MetalTreat® Lanolin Corrosion Inhibitor in Action.


MetalTreat®Lanolin Corrosion Inhibitor: Protecting oil and gas equipment from corrosion.

Oil and Gas

MetalTreat®Lanolin Corrosion Inhibitor in Action: Protecting marine equipment from corrosion.


Corrosion Control Australia showcases MetalTreat®Lanolin Corrosion Inhibitor for transportation.


Industrial Facilities