A number of options are available to deal with corrosion in extreme conditions. The areas most costly to maintain are the difficult to access parts of rigs and jetty structures.

Splash zones and high points are subject to accelerated corrosion as the areas are generally only accessed during shutdowns, or as budgets allow.

By applying CCA’s Xtreme over pre-existing painted surfaces the life expectancy of the protective coating system can be increased by many years.

When the time comes for a re-coat the Xtreme system can be removed, and blast and spray can take place. However by re-applying Xtreme as required the coating system will not deteriorate.

Ongoing multi-purpose maintenance can be carried out with Metaltreat.

Case History

Chevron-Leightons j/v protect

  • Cranes /welders etc on jetty construction project.
  • Metaltreat used to protect diesel generators from corrosion.

  • Application of Metaltreat to Directional Wave Riders in Pilbara and Kimberly ocean areas.
  • Job was for the Bureau of Meteorology to take readings prior to cyclone season.
Premier Oil

  • Anoa Natuna Floating Oil Storage/ Production ship located in South China Sea.
  • Problems with accelerated corrosion to chains anchoring vessel. The chains are immersed in ocean for periods then are exposed to high humidity salt winds – after 18 months chains needed replacement.
  • Provided solution with the application of the high solids content ‘Meataltreat Xtreme’ system.
  • ‘Meatltreat Xtreme’ was chosen over other options as it is a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly product with no risk of leaching toxic chemicals into ocean waters.