CCA are a specialist contracting company that also develop, manufacture and apply our own products.

Our products and services have been proven and tested in some of the harshest environments & industrial areas, with scientific testing to back them up.

We have closed the loop from manufacturer all the way to the technicians that apply our products.

A product or service is only as strong as its weakest link, which is something to consider when looking at warranties.

Unfortunately CCA have seen all too often clients that have been misled, and left in terrible situations by sub-par work carried out by roofing contractors, in some cases leading to litigation and serious safety issues.

CCA bring a high level of integrity, transparency and expertise to the roofing industry.

The CCA Management Team

Terry Ross

Terry has worked in the field of protective coatings since the early 1980’s. After starting a successful sandblasting business in Karratha, Terry managed all aspects of corrosion control in such harsh environments as salt mines, iron ore and marine areas. He also managed corrosion issues on the Burrup project on LNG tank builds – it was at this time he became aware of two difficult on site issues, flash rust and heat transfer. These two fields became Terry’s focus to the present day and the result is the new development of green corrosion control and the method of preventing heat transfer by a spray on liquid insulation membrane. Terry also managed an export company where he spent time in the Middle East consulting on projects in Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Terry and Sean continue to develop CCA technologies, and are proud to be helping businesses move closer towards net zero emissions.

Sean Ross

Sean has worked on projects throughout the coatings, construction and maintenance industry for over 15 years. He has a keen interest in providing solutions, quality tradesmanship, and technical expertise to the industrial & commercial sectors and has worked on infrastructure projects such as the Sydney Harbour BridgeChevrons Gorgon projectPerth Stadium, as well as many more Australian oil & gas and mining projects. His NACE CIP 2 qualification has also allowed him to work as a coating inspector for a number of these projects

Both Terry and Sean bring a wealth of experience across many different industries including; corrosion control & mitigation, waterproofing, concrete remediation/ concrete cancer, industrial protective coatings application, quality control (QC) & quality assurance (QA), installation & specification of height safety access systems, roof plumbing, project management, and product development & manufacture.

Terry and Sean continue to develop CCA technologies, and are proud to be helping businesses move closer towards net zero emissions.


CCA has delivered time and time again to save our clients time, money and stress when it comes to resolving their roofing issues. Nothing makes us more proud than receiving positive feedback from our clients and is part of what drives CCA to continue to develop solutions and complete our projects to the highest possible standard.