Residential roof cooling with CoolBond®

CoolBond® has been cooling homes and living spaces throughout W.A.’s harsh Pilbara region and Perth metro areas since the late 80’s.

Living areas where heat is unmanageable and mechanical cooling too expensive or ineffective, CoolBond® is the solution.

Applied to external surfaces CoolBond® can dramatically reduce internal temperatures, resulting in less reliance on mechanical cooling.

This results in savings on power usage and provides a payback period on the initial investment in the CoolBond® system.

CoolBond® for your Home

Applying CoolBond® to your roof and/ or masonary walls has a myriad of other benefits including;

  • Industrial grade high build protective coating encapsulates your roof  and wall structures from environmental exposure and corrosive attack
  • Industrial grade waterproofing membrane with high flexibility
  • UV stable and fade resistant
  • Beautify your home with excellent quality finishes to make roof areas look ‘brand new’
  • Incorporate a sustainable green technology into your home to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
  • Industry leading 20yr warranty applied by skilled tradespeople

Take a look at some of CCA’s previously completed projects below.

Residential Roof Cooling Projects

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