Residential Roof Cooling Paint Case Study


The CoolBond® roofing spray applied to our roof resulted in the immediate cooling of our home, exceeding our expectations. Sean and Terry completed the work prior to a run of 40C+ days during which we didn’t need to use our air-conditioner. Prior to the coating, we would have used the air conditioner daily. It’s been nearly 2 months now and we still have not needed to use the air-conditioner.

As a bonus, the polycarb-roofed patio area, which previously retained heat into the night was extremely uncomfortable. Now its cooler and we’re now able to sit outside in comfort. Prior to the coating being applied to the roof, our cold water tap would run ‘hot’ for 2-3 minutes before turning cold due to the extremely hot roof space. Now the cold water comes through in a couple of seconds, so we’re no longer wasting water.

Terry and Sean were professional right throughout the whole experience, answering any questions we had about the Solarproof cooling membrane and provided some problem solving with our gutters. Clear communication at each stage of the process was maintained ensuring a smooth process. We would therefore highly recommend Terry and Sean and this product to others who wish to cool their house and reduce their energy costs.

Phillip & Janine

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