Concrete Cancer Repairs (concrete spalling) & Waterproofing

Do you live in or manage an apartment block that suffers with concrete cancer (concrete spalling) and corroded handrailing?

Do you manage or own a commercial concrete roof area with ongoing water ingress issues?

Do you own a residential property with problematic concrete balcony, garage, patio/ portico, roof areas?

Do you have a masonary wall area that suffers with cracking and structural movement?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then CCA can provide cost effective, long lasting

A building's parking lot with cars parked, revealing concrete spalling and corroded handrailing - Corrosion Control Australia services.

CCA specialise in concrete remediation, industrial grade corrosion treatments, and industrial grade waterproofing systems

We have combined our decades of experience in the industry and product development, to create our patent pending technologies that provide cost effective real world solutions

CCA offers;

  • Consultation and investigation into concrete cancer & resolution specification
  • Concrete cancer identification and crack repair remediation works, for both residential, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Corrosion treatments to various structures, including handrails and structural steel elements
  • Industrial grade waterproofing membrane and protective coatings application to concrete and masonary surfaces, including decorative finishes
  • Crack repairs and repairs due to structural movement to concrete, brick, and masonary wall surfaces
  • Bespoke specifications tailored to your buildings individual needs, combining our patent pending crack repair and waterproofing technologies

Areas where CCA can provide solutions;

  • Commercial, residential and industrial buildings
  • HAVC concrete bund areas & concrete platforms
  • High Rise waterproofing
  • Apartments/ Balcony areas/ Stairwells
  • Hospitals
  • Mining/ Bunded area waterproofing/ Industrial protective coatings and waterproofing
  • Concrete tank crack repairs & waterproofing

Check out some of CCA’s completed projects

Alcoa Pinjarra facility had ongoing issues with water ingress into their concrete slab roof area.

CCA were able to investigate and identify the location of the various leaks through the slab and rectify with a custom specification.

This included application of CoolBond® industrial grade waterproofing membrane application to the existing torch on membrane.

CCA were contacted to advise on concrete cancer/ concrete spalling and corrosion issues throughout a Perth apartment block walkway and stairwell structures.

The clients had concerns regarding the safety of the structure and had struggled to find a contractor that could tackle the job as a whole, including dealing with the corroded handrailing.

CCA were able to create a solution/ specification that dealt with all the issues at the property including; heavy duty surface preparation methodology, treating corroded handrailing and applying decorative/ protective top coat finish, concrete cancer treatment and structural mortar repairs, crack repairs, industrial grade waterproofing system applied to all walkway and stairwell areas combined with decorative finish.

Clients were blown away by the results and transformation of the building, but above all the structure being made safe.

The clients were also impressed with the minimal interruption to the over 40 tenants at the apartment block.

A balcony with a door and railing. Concrete spalling and corroded handrailing may require Corrosion Control Australia services
Image of concrete wall with white object, showcasing Corrosion Control Australia's expertise in fixing concrete corrosion.
To whom it may concern,

Terry and Sean completed works at a property in Mount Lawley, to seal and repair a leaking Garage concrete flat roof. At all times they were exceptionally professional; they kept the neighbors informed when high-pressure cleaning was carried out prior to repairs and cleaned up any mess they made during  the process.

They communicated with us all the way through the process so that at all times we knew how the repairs were progressing. At all times they went above and beyond to ensure we were happy: their scope of work was to repair cracks and seal external to the roof and internally on back wall and ceiling, however they ended up going above a beyond this and repairing/painting the whole garage for no extra cost.

When the job was finished Sean moved everything that was in the garage prior to works back and arranged just as it was prior to works. We have no hesitation of recommending Terry and Sean from Corrosion Control Australia to anyone that needs a professional roofing specialist.

Brendan & Kaye

Simon had ongoing issues with leaks into the bedroom from the concrete roof above and contacted CCA for a solution. CCA pressure washed the concrete roof area, as well as removed all loose paint from walls at the rear of the house.

Due to the numerous hairline cracks and areas to be patched CCA recommended to apply 2 coats of our CoolBond ®  cooling wall membrane to waterproof the entire area.

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