Sea water is very corrosive… Once sea water attacks weak points on metal structures and coatings, rust will quickly develop.

The marine environment faces many challenges in relation to rust. Houses, structures, and equipment exposed to the salt and moisture laden winds are at high risk of rapid corrosion.

CCA have developed a range of products designed to maintain and protect these structures and equipment.

Some areas of use include;

  • On wharfs crane corrosion is costly to maintain, and can be minimized or eradicated with the use of MetalTreat®.
  • Jetty legs, both steel and concrete cancer prevention and treatment. Protect against bio fouling.
  • MetalTreat® also protects against rust, and provides lubricant and anti-seize properties to; wire ropes /jibs/ structural steel fixings/ and rollers.
  • Winches/ Chains/ Anchor Chains.
  • Ocean going vessels; as a general purpose rust treatment, lubricant, and anti-seize.
  • Internal side of walls and bulkheads to prevent rust, including rust on aluminum vessels.
  • Engine rooms.
  • Inside pipes.
  • CCA also has an antifoul formula that effectively treats against bio corrosion and biofouling.

MetalTreat® Lanolin Rust Inhibitor for Marine

Exmouth Hire Jinker, Exmouth WA.

  • The jinker was purpose built to allow maintenance to be carried out on large vessels in this region.
  • The jinker was rusting out rapidly due to the constant exposure to sea water.
  • The company had been using an opposition product that was lasting only a month before re- application was required.
  • We were approached to engineer a long term solution and after 3 months of using Metaltreat Xtreme the client switched to the new system. They went on to use this successfully to protect the unit until it was sold in 2015.
  • MetalTreat®Lanolin Corrosion Inhibitor in Action: Protecting marine equipment from corrosion.