Tracey & Lisa’s Home


I would recommend CCA’s CoolBond® for every roof in Australia. Our two-storey home has no ceilings and a tin roof. Upstairs was sweltering hot in summer. We were hoping for some improvement when we had the roof painted, but the results have far exceeded our expectations. 

Day one post-treatment it was 30.5°C and you could not tell the difference in temperature between the lower and upper floors. On the second day, it reached 40.3°C. We didn’t need our air conditioner or fans – at all.  We are amazed!

I can already see there’s going to be a noticeable reduction in our summer power bill. That the CoolBond® is non-toxic too makes it such a winner. It’s good to know we can reduce our carbon footprint in such a simple, eco-friendly way. To me, that’s sustainable living at its best. We can’t thank you enough Terry and Sean, for all you have done to help us.  

Tracey & Lisa’s Home

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